From Generation to Generation

Grandfather with BabyCircumcision is called by the Hebrew name “Bris Milah” (Covenant of Circumcision). This name is based on the Biblical account of the Covenant which G-d made with our Forefather Abraham, “And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, Every male throughout your generations” (Genesis 17:12).

Circumcision is, therefore, a religious act. It symbolizes the linking of the new son to his past, and dedicates him to Jewish loyalty in the future.

At the Bris ceremony, prayers are recited, expressing the gratitude of the parents, invoking blessings of G-d upon the child, and announcing his given Hebrew name.

The moment of the Bris Milah has a great spiritual effect on the child. Therefore, Jewish Law specifies that one should choose a Mohel who is noted not only for his technical skills, but also for his level of piety and religious observance.